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Lead Service Line Inventory

Byrne & Jones Construction is currently conducting field investigations and preparing an initial lead service lines inventories for water systems across Missouri.

Founded in 1976

About Byrne & Jones Construction

Byrne & Jones Construction is headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri, and has additional office locations in IllinoisOhio, Kansas & Nebraska.

Our expansion in both geographical reach and the range of services we offer has enabled Byrne & Jones to build a team of over 400 dedicated professionals, encompassing both full-time staff and skilled field laborers. These locations focus on exterior contracting services, including:

Community ArcGIS Portals

Utilizing the latest GIS and data collection technology, Byrne & Jones Construction has developed community specific tools which aid in completing LSLIs.

One specific tool, “Community Portals”, allows communities to assess and get up-to-date information on the status of their inventory. The Byrne & Jones LSLI solution gives communities information they can use and put to work.

What is the new rule and Why Is Lead Service Line Inventory Important?

Lead contamination poses a significant risk to public health, particularly to children. The Biden Administration has enacted new Lead and copper rule revisions (LCRR) mandates requiring water providers to meet five specific goals including Lead Service Line Inventory and Replacement, improving sampling, better public communication, and focusing on schools and daycares.

These mandates must be met by October 16th, 2024. Failure to comply could result in not just penalties, but also compromised health for residents. As water service providers categorize lead and non-lead lines, budgets may be substantially impacted. Therefore, this inventory initiative is an essential step in ensuring clean and safe drinking water across Missouri.

How can Byrne & Jones Construction Help save you time & Money?

As communities in Missouri face the pressing challenge of complying with the new LCRR ruling by Fall 2024, Byrne & Jones Construction utilizes a design-build approach and offers a unique, simple, and effective approach: We identify the problem, communicate actionable solutions, and execute in a timely and cost-effective manner. Utilizing a phase-by-phase strategy, we break down complex issues into manageable tasks to meet goals more effectively and efficiently.

Our approach to ensuring full LCRR compliance is divided into four essential phases:


Phase 1

LSL Plan and Schedule Development

We provide a concise 3-page plan that outlines the path to compliance, serving as a cohesive framework across city departments.


Phase 2

Public Outreach and Funding Applications

This phase involves creating public flyers and mailers and assisting in applying for MDNR grants to fund the inventory.


Phase 3

Review for LSL Plan Implementation

We aim to verify as many service lines without excavation methods as possible, relying heavily on existing data and close collaboration with city staff.


Phase 4

Field Investigation for LSL Plan

Given the many unknowns, our strategy offers unit costing per service line, providing the city with the flexibility to prioritize within budget constraints.

Why choose Byrne & Jones Construction for your LSLI?

1: Budget / Cost Controls: With our strategic approach to LSLI compliance, we ensure that municipalities get the most bang for their buck. By minimizing overhead and “soft costs,” we allocate more funds for crucial field investigations, making your budget work smarter, not harder.

2: Integrated Construction & Design: Byrne & Jones Construction’s unique ability to integrate both design and construction services into a single contract streamlines your project management. A single point of contact simplifies communication, while our integrated approach reduces upfront costs, allowing you to focus more of your budget on essential field investigations. This also positions us to meet tight schedules and minimize community impact.

 3: Bonding: We offer robust project bonding capabilities, adding an extra layer of financial security and confidence to our partnerships. With a solid track record of successfully bonded projects, we assure the timely and quality completion of your LSLI, guarding against financial risk and ensuring a stable, secure path towards LCRR compliance. Our bonding capacity serves as your assurance that we have the financial resources and professional expertise to deliver on our promises.

4: Experience: Two licensed Professional Engineers (PE) lead our design team. In addition, John Nilges has over 7 years of experience being the Public Works Director for a city with over 15,000 people. With the background of building municipal programs, acquiring funding, and communicating with public officials and the public, the Byrne & Jones team brings unparalleled experience and dedication to your project. Specifically, our staff has successfully completed, and implemented LSLI rollouts. For grant applications, to identifying special funding avenues, our extensive know-how guarantees a successful partnership on the path to compliance.

Our Utilities Team Leader

John Nilges, PE
Senior Civil Engineer

  • Professional Engineer: MO, IL, IA, KS, AR
  • Certified Floodplain Manager
  • Certified Professional in Erosion and Sediment Control 

Budgetary Concerns & Funding

With over $200 million in state and federal funds allocated for LSLI in Missouri, Byrne & Jones Construction can assist your city in grant application processes to unlock these funds. There are many different State and Federal funding opportunities allocated for LSLI in Missouri. Byrne & Jones Construction has  successfully completed grant applications for many communities to unlock these funds. 

As with most municipal projects, the ability and capacity of a construction company to be able to bond the project is vital in limiting risk, and it ensures quality and confidence to the citizens of the community.  The excavation component of the LSLI will require the Right-of-Way or utility easements on private property to be excavated and sufficiently repaired.  By requiring a bond, the public entity ensures that the work will be repaired in a sufficient manner.  At Byrne & Jones, we believe that bonding capacity is a crucial component in this process.

Take the next step. 

As the Fall 2024 deadline approaches, now is the time to act. Byrne & Jones Construction provides a structured, simple, and cost-effective path to achieving full LCRR compliance. Reach out today to safeguard your community’s health and financial resources. Give us a call at (314) 254-9766 or by clicking the button below.

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